The PTO Shop Fall Collection: World Tour

October 19, 2020

The PTO Shop Fall Collection: World Tour


If you’re anything like us, you might be going a little stir crazy lately. For many (especially our American readers) vacations are limited to isolated road trips with a few friends — and sometimes not even that. In these circumstances, it might be worthwhile to practice some positive visualization and have a George Bailey style at-home-vacation. In that spirit, we’re sharing some souvenirs perfect for any imaginary trip.

Commemorate a road trip across America with our new charms and pins. This Indianapolis souvenir valet tray is just as practical as it is nice to look at.

Looking for something international? Turn your desk into a menagerie with a collection of paper animals. How about some wearable souvenirs? We’ve got new sterling silver rings from south of the border. And you can’t forget the people who got you there. Enjoy this tie clip celebrating the workers that put together the 747 in seemingly impossible circumstances.

Of course, once it’s over, you can store your memories in this lovely vintage leather photobook.

Happy trails!