The PTO Shop Fall Collection: Monograms

October 12, 2020

The PTO Shop Fall Collection: Monograms

Monograms are a bit controversial in the classic menswear world. What began as a practical way to make sure shirts weren’t lost at the cleaners is now sometimes seen as frivolous or showy.

But you know what? It’s fun to be frivolous or showy once in a while! That’s why today in the shop, we posted tons of new items dedicated to literally putting your name on your outfit.

For example, these 1940s hand-painted ties, which can be worn for that vintage dandy look or just displayed as a unique piece of menswear history. For more subtle vintage flair, you can pick up this 1920s sterling silver belt buckle, a perfect example of Art Deco design. Anyone named Charles, Curtis, or Charlotte will be pleased to know that they can make sure everyone knows the first letter of their name at any level of formality: we have vintage letterman patches for your denim jacket, and a gorgeous midcentury 18kt gold tie clip for later in the evening. We’ve also got a huge variety of Bakelite letter pins, ready to be affixed to any jacket.

Maybe monograms are a little flashy for you? There’s still plenty of other items to choose from, from tasteful desk accessories to some truly groovy belt buckles. You can get free shipping on almost anything with offer code BLOG!

Happy shopping!