The PTO Shop Fall Collection: Bright College Days

October 5, 2020

The PTO Shop Fall Collection: Bright College Days

Although many campuses are closed for the foreseeable future, we at Put This On wanted to celebrate the classic college experience with this week’s collection of items.

You’ve heard of the “Three R’s”? We’ve got you covered on all fronts. Learn something about yourself with this beautiful, not at all outdated 1884 edition of Surnames as a Science. If your thoughts are worth saving, jot them down in one of our new field books. You can also keep your ‘rithmatic skills (and look) sharp on the go with an Abacus dress set.

Fans of microbiology will love these 1950s enameled cufflinks, reminiscent of cells under a microscope. The Bronze Age was a fascinating time of early human technological and societal advancement, so we hope anthropology and history students will appreciate some of our new pieces of bronze jewelry. And since not everyone has to go to a 4-year university, you can stunt on everyone else in your trade school with these 1920s workwear buttons.

We haven’t forgotten about the faculty, either. Let people know just how absent-minded you are in a Ralph Lauren corduroy blazer, a professorial must-have. Think of how impressed your students will be when they visit you during office hours and see that you have an entire set of dolphin-themed sterling silver desk accessories.

Regardless of if you are a straight-A student or someone who thinks homework is for losers, the Put This On Shop has something for you. As a bonus, we’re offering free shipping on most orders with offer code BLOG. Visit the shop before these items are gone!