The Necktie Series, Part II: The Manufacturing Process

May 19, 2011

I used to read a lot about how shoes are constructed, but one of the most educational experiences was watching videos like this, which actually showed the process being done. As such, I thought I’d follow up my post on Tuesday with the following four videos, which take you through one of the ways a handmade tie can be created.

Here you’ll see how the tie’s fabric is weaved and printed on. You’ll also be taken through each stage in the making of a handmade tie, including a seven fold. Notice the hand-done details, including how the tie is carefully pressed. These details help keep the edges soft and rolling, not made into a crease. 

You may want to keep my previous post on hand, and review some of the terms while watching these videos. Between the two entries, you should have a reasonably strong knowledge about how ties are made and what details define their quality. 

Check back next week, when I’ll begin to discuss what ties make up the most basic collection. 

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