The Menswear Retailer Mr. Porter Has The Above Placeholder Site Up

April 14, 2013

The menswear retailer Mr. Porter has the above placeholder site up

Sulka? Coming soon?

It’s been quite some time since the last Sulka shop in New York closed its doors. They once made the finest robes and loungewear in the world, and some of the finest ties as well. They’re a favorite in our eBay Roundups. But again: defunct for quite a while now.

Does anyone know who owns the brand these days? Or what their plans are? Email us!

Update: according to some internet sleuthing by readers, it appears that the Sulka brand is currently owned by Richemont, the Swiss-based luxury conglomerate that also owns Mont Blanc, Dunhill, and… wait for it… net-a-porter, the parent of Mr. Porter.

(Thanks, Jason, Zachary and Mister Crew)