The Great Necktie Sell-Off

February 18, 2011

The Great Necktie Sell-Off

As regular readers already know, about two weeks ago I made the second-hand shopping score of my life. I went to a friendly psychic’s house in the Hollywood Hills, and bought nearly a thousand dollars worth of clothes. The bulk of the purchase was high-end neckties, about ¾ of which were unworn. This left me in a bit of a pickle.

It just so happens that I’m moving in a month or so, and my necktie rack was already creaking under the weight of a hundred plus ties. I decided a sell-off was in order. I set up a photography booth with an old point-and-shoot that Adam loaned me and a desk lamp and got to snapping. Now, 90+ neckties later, I’m finally done.

I decided to sell roughly half of what I bought and a solid third of what I already owned. There are many new, unworn Borrelli ties in the mix, and ties by Kiton, Drake’s, Oxxford, Sulka and more. There are knits, grenadines, regimentals, solids. Anything you could want.

I started everything at $7.90, and shipping is free if you buy more than one. So I hope you’ll just bid on a pile of ties and  shoot for some bargains. The more ties you buy, the less packages I have to send out. Do me a favor: go crazy.

Bid on this bonanza right here.