The Advantage Of Textured Ties

March 21, 2013

The Advantage of Textured Ties

This photo of Oscar de la Renta perfectly demonstrates one of the things I love most about textured ties. In an ensemble with a solid colored jacket and shirt, a textured tie can help break up the plainness. Without it, the ensemble can look a bit flat and uninteresting. That’s why I like to have at least two patterns in whatever I wear. 

At the same time, with two patterns like you see here – worn through de la Renta’s shirt and pocket square – opting for texture allows you to combine things a bit more easily and with less thought. If the tie were patterned, one would have to consider how well the numerous colors play together and whether the types and scales of patterns clashed. Not with a textured tie, however. It looks just as comfortable against a solid color as it does a pattern, and when you don’t want to bother with thinking about what goes with what in the morning, reaching for a grenadine or silk knit can often be a very safe choice. 

(Photo via voxsart)

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