That RSS Feed Stuff Is Hilarious

January 9, 2011

That RSS feed stuff is hilarious. If anything it demonstrates just how insano the mens style world has blown up in the last year or so. Although I will say judging from this list, we don’t need any more ‘news’ sites, or blogs that announce new collections or brands. I think when we all start out, we tend to look for that new new, hoping to catch people’s eyes with something they haven’t seen before. But if you’re just getting into the game, do you really think you’re going to get a press release before Swipe Life, or Selectism, or Sartorially Inclined? I know I’m not. I think the mens blogs can take a lesson from the women on this one. Inject some of your personality into it. That’s why these blogs are as popular as they are. I’d say my biggest piece of unsolicited advice to new bloggers out there is to write. A lot. And avoid the sappy “this is the finest craftsmanship” style copy and work on developing your own voice. Work on producing original content-photos, articles, interviews. That way when you get popular and make lists like this, when people talk shit you can say “At least I was original.” Now let me get back to reblogging other people’s photographs of sideboob.