Thanks To Our Advertisers: Wickham House And Goodsie

November 3, 2011

Thanks to our advertisers: Wickham House and Goodsie

Thanks to our advertisers: Wickham House and Goodsie. Their support helps make our site possible.

Wickham House offer hand-made ties, and specialize in bow ties. They offer a wide variety of bows and long ties, including seasonal options like wool and flannel. They also offer a bow tie of the month club and wedding services.

Goodsie offer web storefronts that are designed to be easy to implement for users of any skill level. Whether you’re a craftsperson, a band, a webcomic author or anyone else who might need a secure storefront, Goodsie is designed to help you.

Our thanks to Goodsie and Wickham House! If you’re interested in advertising at Put This On, email

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