The evolution of style blogging

February 23, 2017

The Evolution Of Style Blogging

Despite the commercialisation of fashion blogging, I would still celebrate the movement as a positive whole. From the privileged women…

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Dries van Noten straight-up lives in paradise

October 5, 2015

Dries Van Noten Straight-up Lives In Paradise

Dries van Noten straight-up lives in paradise. (via Pete)

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Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. on Style

August 31, 2015

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. On Style

Here’s another great find from our friend CrimsonSox. In an August 1966 issue of Vogue, Hollywood legend and decorated war…

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Modern Furniture, Modern Tailoring

July 30, 2015

Modern Furniture, Modern Tailoring

Another great photo from our friend CrimsonSox. Scanned from a 1948 issue of Vogue, the gentleman above is wearing a…

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Combining the patterns and colours

February 17, 2014

Combining The Patterns And Colours

“Combining the patterns and colours is simply a question of getting a contrast. With a striped suit I wouldn’t wear…

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This scene from the documentary The September Issue

February 21, 2011

This Scene From The Documentary The September Issue

It was when I saw this scene from the great documentary The September Issue that I decided Andre Leon Talley…

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