Tweed in the City

January 31, 2013

Tweed In The City

Matthew, the blogger behind Tweed in the City, has long been one of my favorites. Sadly, he’s had a habit…

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“behind the scenes” article about Rubinacci

June 14, 2011

“behind The Scenes” Article About Rubinacci

Matthew Fan of Tweed in the City has an excellent “behind the scenes” article about Rubinacci, a bespoke tailoring house…

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Q and Answer: What to Wear When You’re Short

August 25, 2010

Q And Answer: What To Wear When You’re Short

Max from Brooklyn writes: I’m a really small guy (like really small – 5’0 and 130 pounds). I’ve never found a…

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Young men can benefit from bespoke clothing

January 10, 2010

Young Men Can Benefit From Bespoke Clothing

Matt at Tweed in the City makes a convincing argument that young men can benefit from bespoke clothing with this…

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