How Tom Wolfe Became That Guy with the White Suits

October 8, 2015

How Tom Wolfe Became That Guy With The White Suits

In Vanity Fair, Michael Lewis interviews Wolfe (now 85 and still in white suits), sifts through his letters, and documents…

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George Plimpton in the <em>Paris Review</em>

July 10, 2013

George Plimpton In The Paris Review

[Tom Wolfe] arrived wearing the white ensemble he is noted for—a white modified homburg, a chalk-white overcoat—but to the surprise…

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if you are going to pimp, you have to get used to synthetic materials

August 4, 2012

If You Are Going To Pimp, You Have To Get Used To Synthetic Materials

“One of the things I learned from experience but was hard for me to accept is that, if you are…

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