Ready to blast off into your weekend?

August 16, 2013

Ready To Blast Off Into Your Weekend?

Our Rudiments correspondent Dave Hill isn’t just a handsome international playboy and beloved comedian. He’s also the frontman of the…

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Greg Behrendt

December 15, 2012

Greg Behrendt

Our pal Greg Behrendt is the only standup comedian we know with sartorially-themed tattoos. His great instrumental rock band The…

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Matt Berninger from The National

April 12, 2012

Matt Berninger From The National

Matt Berninger from The National was over today, and I noticed that his breast pocket was looking a little empty,…

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Rock is to dress up to

July 22, 2010

Rock Is To Dress Up To

Rock is to dress up to. Frank Zappa

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