It's Happening. NBA Suits are Back.

July 6, 2019

It’s Happening. NBA Suits Are Back.

They said we couldn’t do it. They said we should give up on our dreams. But after so many years…

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Vince Staples: rapper, fashion critic

January 28, 2016

Vince Staples: Rapper, Fashion Critic

Vince Staples is one of the best rappers in the world, and he’s also a charming, fascinating guy. I interviewed…

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I play until they break out. I don’t change shoes like that

March 24, 2015

I Play Until They Break Out. I Don’t Change Shoes Like That

“I play until they break out. I don’t change shoes like that. I could go 20 or 25 games. Maybe…

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Dressing Like a Grownup in the NBA

September 15, 2014

Dressing Like A Grownup In The NBA

The story Sarah Lyall was researching in August on the NBA’s Rookie Transition Program was recently published: The league has…

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Dress Etiquette for the NBA

August 7, 2014

Dress Etiquette For The NBA

New York Times reporter Sarah Lyall yesterday live-tweeted a session of the NBA’s Rookie Transition Program, a class for new…

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Suit looks great MJ!

March 13, 2011

Suit Looks Great MJ!

“Suit looks great MJ! And hey… I’ve been thinking… you should grow a cool Hitler mustache thing!”

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Craig Sager’s Suit FLASHBACK

October 14, 2010

Craig Sager’s Suit FLASHBACK

craigsagerssuits: Photo credit: VisitPhoenix/Flickr (You might recognize this jacket…) WOW.  Thanks, Thomas.  Don Cherry has a little competition in the…

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Stan Van Gundy, measured for some custom suits

September 30, 2010

Stan Van Gundy, Measured For Some Custom Suits

Apparently the NBA, in an effort to control rampant mid-1990sisms, has required coaches to wear collared shirts on the sidelines. …

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