Summer Of White Tees 2013 (With Gray Tees, Too)

March 25, 2013

Summer of White Tees 2013 (With Gray Tees, Too)

There’s nothing like a fresh white tee for summer. Under a button-down, on its own with jeans, whatever.

So once a year or so, we offer the SUMMER OF WHITE TEES.

Here’s the deal: I’ve got a wholesale account with my favorite t-shirt maker, Alternative Apparel, because I use them for merchandise for my podcast empire. With a big, group buy, I can get a big discount. I offer them to you for $9.90 each, which is less than half of their retail price.

So: I’ll take orders through the end of Monday, April 1st. Then I order the shirts from Alternative, they send them to my shipper, my shipper sends them to you. All told, it’ll take about a month, maybe six weeks. The only catch: it’s a group buy, and we’re buying wholesale, so no returns or fancy customer service. Apologies in advance. Shipping’s $6 per style (unlimited shirts). US only, sorry.

And since it wouldn’t be a new year without innovation, I’ve included not only crew neck and v-neck white tees, but heather gray crew tees as well. I’m wearing one of those RIGHT THIS MOMENT.

I personally love these shirts, and we’ve gotten tons of positive feedback when we’ve done these group buys before, but I don’t want anyone thinking they’re something they’re not. These shirts are very soft, somewhat fine and somewhat stretchy. If you’re looking for something stout and tough, this isn’t the right thing for you. (Try the Kirkland shirts at Costco. Seriously.) So: forewarned, forearmed, etc. Seriously, though, I do this because I really like these shirts.

Here’s the sizing chart if you need it. If you want to see some pictures, you can look here on the Alternative website.

You’ve got seven days. Click here to purchase your shirts now.