Stockholm, Oslo & Copenhagen: I’m On The Road

September 21, 2015

I’m in the midst of a whirlwind Northern European grand tour, courtesy of Radiodays Europe, which booked me to speak at three national radio conferences. I spent about 24 hours in Stockholm, 18 in Oslo and am now taking the better part of a week in Copenhagen, where even the radio industry is full of spectacularly good-looking people. Everyone drinks and smokes like it was 1975, and yet all the women look like models and all the men like handsome sea captains.

I’m at an Air BnB in Copenhagen’s Norebro neighborhood, and am headed to a few Copenhagen shops tomorrow with a new friend, Sara Frost of P3 Radio. Then it’s the train to Malmo, Sweden to visit Tres Bien Shop. Art and food will take up the rest of my time.

Hopefully I’ll get some pictures collated by next week and share them with you here. My first impressions: men in Stockholm may be the most consistently elegant dressers I’ve seen, though not the most creative or colorful. Rarely have I seen so many men in well-fitted blue suits and sportcoats. Like London, but a bit cooler – not hipper, but cooler. I even found some Put This On readers behind the counters at the second-hand shop Herr Judit and high end shoe vendor Skoaktiebolaget. Here in Copenhagen, things are a bit more creative, though no one jaywalks, literally or figuratively.

Discovery of the trip, so far: the paintings of Jens Ferdinand Willumsen in the Danish national museum. Pretty spectacular. My main goal for the rest of my time here will be to find people who are impressed that I once talked on the phone with Copenhagen’s most legendary native son, Lee Oskar. (You know – the harmonica player from War?) I promise to keep you updated.

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