Here, Here. (Hear, Hear?)

September 14, 2010

Something that I find is often lost in the ‘why should I bother with all this’ conversations that we men get into when discussing clothing is our lady-friends. Our wives and girlfriends go through an obscene amount of trouble to look nice for us. Make-up, heels, special underwear to go with certain dress and pant cuts are all part and parcel of almost any woman’s wardrobe. We fellers have been getting a free pass for a long while.

Last weekend my wife and I went to dinner and a concert. Everywhere were women in tasteful cocktail dresses, matched heels and pearl necklaces. Accompanying them were schlubs with untucked black dress shirts, stained polos and ill fitting puffy pleated chinos. Its just disrespectful. This poor lady has gone to the trouble of taping her boobs together and you don’t have the decency to wear actual leather shoes?

I’d like also to say that I want to be inclusive and include any gay couples that might have a similar problem. Its just so much more obvious and stereotypical with us breeders.

PTO Reader/Viewer Ed Arnold

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