So, I Saw You In A Small Segment On The IFC Channel (if I Remember Correctly) And It Got Me Wondering…what All Kinds Of Things Do You Involve Yourself In? Other Than This Blog That I Like So Much, Of Course.

January 6, 2011

For about ten years now, I’ve been hosting and producing a public radio show called The Sound of Young America. I interview people from the worlds of arts and entertainment about their work and how they came to do it.

Four or five years ago, I started a comedy talk show called Jordan, Jesse, Go!.  On that show, my co-host Jordan and I talk about weiners and Nicolas Cage and miniature donkeys (donks). Those shows grew into a sort of podcasting empire. You should get your butt into iTunes and subscribe.

In addition to that, I host a show on IFC called The Grid. It’s a 15-minute cultural recommendation show. Movies and music and web stuff and so on. You can watch that Thursdays at 7:45 Eastern.

When Adam’s not directing Put This On, he makes videos like this one for AirBnB. If you have a business that needs someone to make an awesome, clear, funny, beautiful video to explain what you do, you should talk to him.

Adam also co-hosts and edits the phenomenal, amazing comedy podcast You Look Nice Today, and has his own great Tumblr.