Will’s A Suitable Wardrobe Store

March 27, 2010

Will’s A Suitable Wardrobe store

I was struck by how spectacularly beautiful this tie, available in our friend Will’s A Suitable Wardrobe store, is.  It’s also quite expensive at $135, but Will is nothing if not principled.  His idea of compromising on cost is to use WW Chan for his summer bespoke suiting instead of Savile Row.  We love him, still. Especially for refusing to sell anything but accessories in his store, because he believes in his heart of hearts that a well-dressed man’s sized clothing should be made especially for him.

The fabric this tie is made from is called shantung.  It’s a type of heavy-weight, nubby silk.  This texture is perfect for summer, when traditional silk ties can seem a bit stiff and shiny.  It’s a lovely compliment to cotton or linen suits and coats.  What I really love, though, about the tie is the palette – grounded by oxblood, those ivory and gold stripes really pop, but without the slightest feeling of ostentation.