Self Edge Warehouse Sale

October 11, 2017

Self Edge Warehouse Sale

Kings of denim and workwear, Self Edge, just put up their online warehouse sale. The selection is small, but the discounts go considerably deeper than the store’s usual 10% to 15% off promotions (which happen once or twice a year). These warehouse sales have become a way for Self Edge to clear out old-season stock, but unlike stores such as Mr. Porter, the pieces still feel current. You can find a lot of the specialized, mostly Japanese-made, denim and rockabilly gear Self Edge has built its reputation on. Some favorites from the sale:

  • Monitaly Field Shell ($200): A reversible, military style jacket made from brown cotton flannel on one side and olive green Vancloth on the other. Like Ventile, Vancloth is a tightly woven poplin where the fibers swell up when they get wet, closing up the pores and preventing any moisture from leaking through. That makes the fabric appreciably water resistant, while not being as stiff or noisy as technical cloths.
  • Star of Hollywood Atomic Shirt ($160): Star of Hollywood is an old 1950s brand known for its outlandish rockabilly, atomic, and Aloha style shirts. Their styles have become popular among guys who like a retro look, but they can also be hard to find. Toyo Enterprises in Japan, however, has licensed the name and brought back some of their favorite pieces. I like the idea of this shirt with a black leather jacket and black jeans.
  • 3sixteen 711BSP Jeans ($185): Speaking of black jeans, this straight leg, medium rise design from 3sixteen looks great. These are made from unsanforized denim, however, so they’ll shrink more than usual. Pay attention to the sizing charts.
  • Sugar Cane 3/4th Sleeve Workshirt ($105): A gauzy, highly breathable workshirt so you can stay looking great when it’s hot outside. Which, apparently, now includes October.
  • Stevenson Short Sleeved Sweatshirt ($145): I know short-sleeved sweatshirts sound strange, but I saw this on Kiya at Self Edge recently and it looks great. Wear it with denim, rugged chinos, or even cargo pants. From measurements, I’d consider sizing up.

You can see the rest of the sale here.

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