Real People: Patch Pocket Suit

March 5, 2013

Real People: Patch pocket suit

We’ve featured Nii Ayikwi from Atlanta (a.k.a. the Adabraka Sartorialist) several times on this site before and he’s consistently one of the best-dressed people I’ve seen. 

I wanted to point out this particular grey checked suit of his because of one certain detail: patch pockets. With jetted pockets being the most formal (as you would see on black-tie jackets), patch pockets represent the other end of the spectrum and you’d typically find them on blazers or sport coats. In the context of a suit, however, they can work quite well if they’re surrounded by other casual elements. The checked pattern on the suit certainly helps, but so does the striped shirt, the knit tie and the suede shoes. Quite well done.