Real People: New Year’s Eve

January 4, 2013

As part of an ongoing series, Put This On will be featuring real men with great style.

New Year’s Eve is an obvious time for men to not just dress well, but dress a step or two above how they ordinarily would for the evening. But that can be interpreted differently, by these three men. 


Sebastian from Austria’s full black tie ensemble stays true to the rules and looks great. Peaked lapels, wing collar, waistcoat and opera pumps are all elements of a classic evening look that really is timeless and elegant. And, if you click here you can see an awesome bonus shot of Sebastian donning a pith helmet. 


Esosa from Fresno goes a step down in formality but manages to pull off a rare look in a black suit, which he only wears for New Year’s Eve. And it looks impressively sharp and fits perfectly. The black silk knit tie and white pocket square keeps things simple. I think it’s tough for most men to wear a black suit, but this is a great example of how to do it and the context in which it works quite well. 


Timo from Vienna (who blogs at blazerandtie) goes one notch down in formality, moving toward navy and away from black. The light blue shirt and navy tie match the jacket’s color and the pink pocket square adds just a bit of contrasting warmth to the outfit’s otherwise neutral, monochromatic tones.