Real People: Faux Tweed For Transitional Weather

September 14, 2015

Real People: Faux Tweed for Transitional Weather

Here’s some great, early-fall inspiration. Our friend Peter in San Francisco broke out his faux tweed this weekend. The term “faux tweed” is sometimes used online to refer to smooth, worsted wools that have the coloration and patterns you’d expect on a traditional tweed, but none of the prickly surface. Think of them as a transitional weather piece – not exactly right for any season, but perfect for when you’re just easing into fall or getting out of winter. 

Peter’s faux tweed was made by Ercole in NYC, a small bespoke tailoring shop. He bought it second-hand from Rob in Brooklyn, who we’ve featured before (must be nice when someone else’s bespoke commission fits you so well). He’s paired the jacket with a light blue, oxford-cloth button-down shirt, grey flannel trousers, and a simple silk repp tie. “People often overlook silk repp ties because they’re so basic, but they’re the perfect complement to checked sport coats and wooly hanks,” Pete says. “The pocket square here is a big print from Drake’s. It has a lot of dead space, which also makes it easy to pair with busy plaids.” 

The nice thing about the outfit is that everything feels tasteful, but still interesting. The sport coat is checked, but not too loud, and there’s a good use of autumnal colors, such as browns, greens, and golds. The silk tie also helps balance out the heavy use of wool. Swap it out for a cashmere piece and things might feel a little too fuzzy.

As for the details on each of his items: The sport coat is a bespoke number from Ercole; shoes are museum calf galosh oxfords from Vass; button-down shirt from The Custom Shop; silk repp tie from Petronius; wool pocket square from Drake’s, and grey flannel trousers from Howard Yount