Real People: Details At Close Range

February 13, 2013

Real People: Details at close range

This particular fit from Cantabrigian in London was brought to my attention by Derek, who particularly liked the blazer’s silhouette. I’ve lightened the main photo a bit as the original made it tougher to make out the lines among the shadows. The more I look at it, the more I realize it’s the kind of fit I’d like to have for a jacket of mine if I ever travel down the road toward bespoke. 

But it’s also worth looking at the detail shots of the outfit as well. At a distance, it appears to be all solids. That’s mostly true, until you get up close and see the tiny fine stripes on the shirt. I think it plays well against the hopsack fabric of the blazer and the silk twill on the tie. Perhaps a bit boring at a distance, but upon close range where you can see the textures and details, it’s much less so.