Real People: An EBay’d Wedding Suit

September 30, 2013

Real People: An eBay’d Wedding Suit

John from Chicago sent us a really nice email this weekend to thank us (along with a few other bloggers) for helping him put together his wedding suit. He says this is the first time he remembers wearing a jacket and tie since high school, and I think he looks fantastic. 

Best of all, almost everything was bought through eBay.

  • The shawl collar dinner jacket and trousers were made by Savile Row tailors Gieves & Hawkes, and likely vintage from the 1970s. Cost: $196 (eBay)
  • The formal shirt, which came new-in-box, is by Canali. Cost: $42 (eBay)
  • Cap toe oxford shoes are by Santoni. Cost: also $42 (eBay)
  • Cummerbund and bow tie were a bit more expensive, as they were bought new. The retail price was $150, but he got them on sale. Cost: $120 (J. Press)
  • White silk suspenders are by a vintage off-brand company. Cost: $30 (eBay)
  • Vintage WWII Navy Officer cufflinks. Cost: $45 (eBay)
  • White cotton pocket square with handrolled edges. Cost: $8 (The Tie Bar). 

As John notes, the suit is the real find. Gieves & Hawkes is famous for their military tailoring, which is nice since John and his family have a long naval tradition. After purchasing the suit, he had alterations done by Paul Chang in Chicago (recommended to him by our friend The Silentist, who is also from that area). I don’t know if the $196 price includes alterations cost, but even if it didn’t, this would still come well under the ~$2,000 you’d pay for a dinner jacket at a high-end fashion boutique. Heck, even the total cost of everything here is less than what you’d pay for just the jacket alone at J. Crew

Another neat thing: John had the smart idea of buying all his groomsmen simple white pocket squares, just like the one he’s wearing. At $8 a square from The Tie Bar, this is an easy and affordable way to make your groomsmen look that much better. 

Really awesome stuff. Congrats to John and his beautiful wife on their wedding.