Q And Answer: Short Sleeve Shirt And A Sweater?

September 14, 2010

Q and Answer: Short Sleeve Shirt and a Sweater?

Johnny asks: What do you think about using short sleeve dress shirts for layering, say under a sweater?  I love the look of a collar under a sweater, but sometimes the long sleeves bunch up, especially under a slimmer sweater. If I knew, knew, I wasn’t going to take the sweater off do you think it would be appropriate?

It’s hardly the worst fashion crime you could commit, but I wouldn’t do it.  Short sleeves are for hot weather, and sweaters for cold, and when you wear a sweater, the cuff of your shirt should be slightly visible. 

Is bunching really that big of a problem for you?  Pull your cuff through all the way and you’ll be fine.

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