Q And Answer: How Do I Make Too-big Shoes Fit?

May 18, 2010

Q and Answer: How do I make too-big shoes fit?

Peter writes: I recently bought a pair of work boots that are a little too big
(actually a lot because I can feel my feet slipping in them). Is there
a way to make larger shoes fit?

The first and simplest answer is that you should buy shoes that fit your feet.  Try before you buy!  If you must buy online, buy from stores with good return policies.  If you buy used, get to know the lasts of the brand you’re buying so you can made educated sizing decisions.

That having been said, sometimes you just make a mistake – and sometimes you have tough-to-fit feet.  There are some ways to make too-big and too-small shoes fit.

  • If the shoes are too narrow, a shoe repairman can stretch them for you.  Note that this won’t likely work if they’re too short.
  • If the shoes are too big, try insoles.  The shape of my feet usually means I need insoles in my shoes so my feet don’t flap around.
  • If your foot is slipping forward, or insoles bring your heel up too far, try a tongue pad – it’s a bit of felt with sticky stuff on one side that goes inside the tongue of your shoe.
  • In this case, particularly, try thicker socks.  Are you wearing boot socks?  You oughta be.

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