Put This On Shop Holiday Sale And Holiday Market

December 2, 2019

We here at Put This On would like to be your one stop shop for the holidays- we can stuff your stockings, line your trees, and help you get something nice for yourself with the extra cash from the holidays. That’s why we’re giving you plenty of options to pick up something unique this season.

SoCal readers can join us at:


The Put This On Holiday Market

Source: Street X Sprezza


Come by the new PTO HQ December 15, to hang out with Jesse and other style-conscious Angelenos, and browse our entire inventory (plus a few exclusive items).  This year, we’re lucky enough to be joined by a few special vendors, including Frecklebug Vintage, Monsivais & Co custom hatters, and record dealer John Miner! More details to follow.

The Put This On Holiday Market

Sun, Dec. 15

10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

2615 Pasadena Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90031


If you aren’t lucky enough to live in the Golden State, don’t worry. Right now, you can get 40% off our pocket squares, which are hand made in Los Angeles, and 20% off everything else in the shop. Use offer codes HOLIDAYSQUARE and HOLIDAYSALE at checkout. We’ve just added over 200 items to our inventory with more coming in soon!

Here are just a few things that you can pick up today:


Edwardian Painting of Some Ducks

This beautiful oil painting is ready to be hung in a study or a living room. The quiet, serene scene would look good over a record player or near a bookshelf, and the painting already comes with its own ornate wooden frame. Plus, who doesn’t love ducks?


Little Pipe Sculpture

Ceci n’est pas une pipe, but it is a good idea for a gift. Use it to decorate a desk or shelf. It’ll add a little sophistication to your decor.


Bi-fold Wallet with Unique Crest

This wallet is made of “Florentine Goat,” so these goats probably had pretty louche lives. Braided edges, handsome maroon coloring, plastic photo sleeves inside. The crest is a fun touch, we think.


Vintage Asprey Bag

Asprey, one of Britain’s oldest luxury retailers, is most known for its jewelry, silverware, leather items, and home goods. Men used to carry leather bags such as the one you see above for short train trips, maybe into the country. This bag has elastic side pockets inside, an exterior pocket, and a hearty center pocket with zipper. You may or may not be using it to go into the country, but it’ll be good for short trips around town. Plus, the handsome, slightly boxy shape recalls the best of mid-century travel, which is hard to find in today’s modern offerings.



Brown Frond Silk Pocket Square

A beautiful silk square with just the right touch of natural accent, this brown frond accessory will look just at home in a navy sport coat as it will in a brown tweed. We also like the subtle Art Deco vibe. Made completely by hand in our studio in Los Angeles and features full, hand-rolled edges.


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