Put This On Season Two: Our Kickstarter Begins Tomorrow

August 31, 2011

Put This On Season Two: Our Kickstarter Begins Tomorrow

After much discussion, we’ve decided to fund season two of Put This On through Kickstarter. We want to do Season Two on a real professional scale. We’ll be hiring real crews for our shoots, and along with an ever more lovely product, we should be able to offer a very consistent release schedule. We want to make something special.

We’ll be travelling to the three cities chosen in our PTO Cities competition – New York, London and either Milan or Tokyo. We’ll shoot at least two episodes in each city, covering a broad array of topics (as you’d expect). We’re really excited about it.

When we pitched advertisers on Put This On, most wanted brand-centric advertorial content. You see plenty of that on the web, and we have no interest in producing it – we’ve worked too hard to earn your trust. That’s why we decided to ask the folks who get value from our shows – the viewers – to support them. It won’t be cheap, but we hope all the folks who love our show will step up to the plate. And there won’t be any “Abercrombie & Fitch Inspiration Boards” or “Hollister Rudiments” segments.

We’ve got some cool thank-yous lined up, but if you’re a company who’d like to offer something something special to folks who support season two, let us know by email at contact@putthison.com. We’d love to offer some special thank-yous that way.

It’ll be a two-week campaign, and we’ll need your help. Not just as donors, but also spreading the word about the show. We’re so excited to kick this thing off, and we hope you are, too.

As always: THANK YOU!