#PTOMan Highlights

January 27, 2023

#PTOMan Highlights

Once a week, we like to highlight what some of our readers are wearing.

Although, at times, menswear can feel a bit restricted relative to the possibilities of clothing as a whole, there’s no reason to constrain yourself to a mundane uniform. Taking joy not only in the subtleties of construction, quality, heritage, and feeling, but also bringing in a splash of color or bold pattern, can help breathe life into the everyday. Make sure to have fun getting dressed in the morning!

Thomas (@classic_millenial) is jamming in a dark sport coat, green trousers, blue shirt, and red dotted tie. Aarón (@labuenahechura) is having a treat in a white safari jacket, orange shirt, gray trousers, orange socks, and suede loafers. Jason (@jasonyang1227) is looking dark and mysterious in a navy overcoat, navy blazer, black turtleneck, blackwatch trousers, and velvet slippers. Sam (@samtalksstyle) is ready for action in a bold checked jacket, white polo, lightwash denim, and tassel loafers. Finally, Sho (@sho_katanosaka) is out for a stroll in a mackinaw jacket, large scarf, purple trousers, and black shoes.

If you’d like to be featured, make sure to follow us on Instagram and tag your posts #PTOMan. We prefer full-body shots over shoes or details.

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