Practical Advice For The Big Guy 

January 3, 2018

Ethan Newton is a talented photographer and a trusted voice in the menswear community. Over the years, he’s worked everywhere from Evisu to The Armoury to Ralph Lauren. These days, he runs his own shop in Tokyo, Bryceland’s, with his business partner Kenji Cheung (they now have an online store for those outside of Japan). If you’ve been reading Put This On for a while, you’ve definitely seen Ethan here — we’re big fans of him and his store.

A few years ago, Ethan wrote a wonderful guide on how to dress if you have a larger build. It’s one of the few we’ve read that’s practical, grounded, and not built on hocus-pocus ideas about clothes. No clothing will magically make a larger man look trim or a shorter man look tall, but the right clothing will look flattering. Ethan’s guide focuses on tailoring, but there are some general principles in there that will be useful for almost any wardrobe.

We’ve written about dressing for the bigger gent before, but for the nitty gritty, it’s hard to beat Ethan’s advice. Give it a read on his blog here.