Pomp & Circumstance: Gifts For Grads

May 20, 2017

Pomp & Circumstance: Gifts for Grads

Commencement has begun. It’s the time of the year where doctors, scholars, and the errant celebrity speak to the next generation of great minds, offering them reassurance and motivation that the world beyond the halls of academia theirs for the taking. Sure, lofty rhetoric is nice, but wouldn’t it also be great to leave school with a cool present? 

Over at the shop we’ve made a list of gift ideas for the graduate. They’re a mix of practical, like easy to pull off cufflinks and pocket squares for upcoming job interviews, as well as fun stuff like a vintage writing awards, pigeon dress set, and big ole belt buckles (plus belt to go with). Take a look and present something to the student who has just become the master, or at least applied to be in a master’s program.