Pete Anderson Interviewed Jesse Over At StyleForum

April 4, 2012

Pete Anderson interviewed Jesse over at StyleForum

Pete Anderson interviewed Jesse over at StyleForum. Seriously, go check it out. It’s a great read. There’s a pretty funny story about some G. Lorenzi scissors, and some “sneak peeks” on what’s to come in Season 2. 

Also, if you can get to the Bay Area, or already live there, you should definitely go to StyleFourm’s 10th Anniversary Party, which is co-sponsored by Put This On. There’s going to be a cocktail screening of O’Mast (featuring a special pre-show PTO screening), followed by a Q&A session with the director, Gianluca Migliarotti, as well as vendor showcases with a ton of great companies (LeatherSoul, A Suitable Wardrobe, Epaulet, Jack/Knife, and many, many more). There will also be dinner, drinks, music, and lots of really awesome, friendly people – including our own Jesse Thorn. You can get more information about it here

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