Join The Gentlemen’s Association

December 29, 2012

Join the Gentlemen’s Association

Our thanks to everyone who stopped by our sale at Wingtip in San Francisco on Boxing Day. My mother and I had a great time meeting dozens of PTO fans, and almost everyone went home with a pocket square (or two, or three, or four).

If you’re in the Bay Area, and you haven’t visited Wingtip, you owe yourself a trip. The building is the former Bank of Italy, right under the TransAmerica Pyramid. There’s one vault full of neckties and one full of mirrors for custom clothing… it’s a really gorgeous space. I even got a great haircut from the in-house barber, Joe Roberts, while I was there.

Besides the sales floor (which is huge), there’s two beautiful floors of private club upstairs where the bank’s executive offices used to be. There’s a cigar room and a Scotch bar and a wine cave and a boardroom… it’s a sight to see. The coolest part is that your club dues can be spent in the store. So it’s sort of half private club, half customer loyalty program.

Lots of folks have been emailing asking if they can get in on the action other than in-person. At the moment, the answer’s no – we can’t run a web business at sample sale prices. If you want to get in on the PTO pocket square action, join the Gentlemen’s Association.