Sickening. Send These Companies A Message: They Should Be Ashamed

July 19, 2011

Sickening. Send these companies a message: they should be ashamed

Sickening. Send these companies a message: they should be ashamed.


Some foreign companies flatter me by borrowing my ideas to sell their products.

  • Top row: Robert Andersen (the design guru at Square) texted me this animated GIF last night, with a Japanese guy being cheeky just like my friend Jason did in the Square video. Upon further inspection, it was the work of some shitbags at Paygate, a Square ripoff, who even went to the trouble of taking my music and doing what we call in the industry a “stinky pinky”. Click through to their version of me and Jason. It’s striking and very Japanese. The sound effects kill me.
  • Middle row: The day before, Twitter user @mishalkp shared (in a pretty clever way) the brazen artistry of some buttfaces at Nokia, who have introduced their JAMBOX competitor with a video so stealtastic I can’t believe it came from a Fortune 500 company.
  • Bottom row: This one is a twofer. The shot depicted is a tasteful homage to the Flipboard video made by some pissfuckers at a horrible, horrible company called Wimdu who wholesale cloned Airbnb’s business model and for good measure, whole chunks of dialogue from our video. Good job, Samver brothers, you champions of the entrepreneurial spirit!

No, but I have fun. I love these guys.