No Man Walks Alone Comes To San Francisco

October 19, 2015

No Man Walks Alone Comes to San Francisco

Finally, NYC isn’t the only city getting exciting menswear events these days. San Francisco has been abuzz lately with trunk shows from brands and tailors around the world. Up this week: No Man Walks Alone’s two-day trunk show, being held this Friday and Saturday at the Geras Tousignant Gallery (located at 437 Pacific Avenue, just a short ten-minute walk from the Montgomery BART station). 

For the show, No Man Walks Alone is bringing a selection of items from Eidos, Inis Meain, Tie Your Tie, Stephen Schneider, Rota, and Scott & Charters. There will also be some suits and sport coats from the Neapolitan tailoring house Sartoria Formosa, hand-welted shoes from Vass, beautifully tailored dress shirts from G. Inglese, and handsomely designed bags and briefcases from Frank Clegg Leatherworks (I’m a big fan of this English satchel).

Most of what will be on offer are MTOs and custom-order opportunities, although there will also be a number of ready-made items you can buy directly at the event. Stop by to try things on, flip through swatch books, or even just figure out your size for future online purchases. More details for the event can be found here