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November 7, 2022

I’m Jesse Thorn, and I want to put YOU in a brand-new vintage item! (Seriously: thanks to all who came out to our Halloween in-person sale in South Pasadena, so nice to meet readers, shoppers, and fans.)

Anyway: we’ve got new stuff in the shop, so let’s get to it! (And use the code NEWS for free shipping on purchases over $15, excluding only a few big things.)

Pin It!

We’ve spent the last year or so combing flea markets for these incredible century-old tobacco premium pins. Then we spent about a century sorting, counting, and photographing them so you can have your choice. These beauties—featuring dog breeds and the flags of the world—came as gifts with your pouch of tobacco in the very early 20th century. Now you can adorn your lapel, jean jacket, or EDC bag with a real antique treasure that tells the story of your travels, your ancestry, or just your best friend. They’re also the perfect gift for someone this holiday season—but we only have so many. You can find the dogs here and the nations of the world here. And while you’re shopping, check out some of our other vintage pinbacks. No surface unadorned!


Speaking of things we’ve been doing all year: gathering hats. We of course are great advocates of a good hat (and great anti-advocates of a bad one). Here’s the piece I wrote on how to wear a good hat—the short version of which is… for practical purposes. We’ve just posted a whole section of vintage hats and caps, so go browse and find something perfect for you.

Linked Up!

The holiday season means classy parties, and I think every man (and heck, everyone else) should have a good pair of cuff links for an evening out. What does that mean to me? I like real precious metals like gold and silver. Natural materials like mother of pearl. Real craftsmanship and real age.

Go to the mall to buy links, and you’ll get colored-metal garbage, and it’ll cost big bucks. Luckily, we’ve collected an incredible collection of vintage links. Whether you need something as clear and simple as a ringing bell or something a bit irreverent (or you’re looking to build a collection), take a look at what we’ve got.

Cufflinks are also a perfect gift: if you’re getting married, give them to your groomsmen. If a friend is getting married, they’ll need something special to wear. If you want something for a man that reflects the same care and regard those diamond earrings do for her, cuff links are perfect. We have everything from solid gold to simple and plain. Go take a browse, you’ll find something special.


Look: is most of our stock beautiful and classy? Yes. But we also sell Gremlins 2 trading cards. If you’re looking for a little treat for yourself or a stocking stuffer for a loved one, check out our Cards & Patches section for everything from Indiana Jones to Pee-Wee Herman to… the Iditarod. Plus something called “Baseball’s Greatest Grossouts.”

You’ve read this far!

Hey, if you’ve read this far, and you bought something, put in a note in your order that says you read the whole dang post. We’ll put some little present in your envelope.

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