February 18, 2013, the flash sale site owned and operated by Amazon, has recently been in the business of kicking the tail of its competitors. They’ve had great brands, and they have Amazon-level logistics. Old Gilt fans will remember the days when you’d order something and it would show up the next day. MyHabit’s still on that. Rare are the orders that don’t show up within three or four business days. Plus: shipping and returns are free.

Right now they’re having a big inventory clearance. It started this morning so a lot of stuff is gone, but there’s still a lot left. I love the Facconable shirt-jacket above, which is about $200. This Gant by Michael Bastian down vest is awesome (in XL and XXL only). There are Facconable chinos in a number of sizes and colors still left. There’s a ton of Hickey Freeman outerwear at very reasonable prices. I love this C’N’C Costume Nacional field coat, which is a hundred bucks. There’s even a few Cucinelli cashmere pieces.

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