My Vintage Smock

January 22, 2015

My Vintage Smock

Behold! My best eBay purchase to-date!

Jesse found this a few weeks ago and sent it to me so it could be included in our eBay roundups. I knew immediately when I saw it, however, that it wasn’t going in. Nope, this was going to be mine. 

The seller listed this is an Army smock, although I have my doubts. Original Army smocks are cut full, as they’re intended to be layered over military uniforms. This one, on the other hand, fits trim – even on my twiggy XS frame. There’s just enough room to get in and out of the jacket, without so much room that it looks baggy.

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the plain weave cotton has little nubs all over it. I don’t know if it’s from age, or if maybe it’s because some older looms tended to “chatter.” Either way, I think it adds to the look – a little surface interest to keep this from looking too new. The design is also just right. There are two small pockets at the hips, a big kangaroo pocket at the chest, and two entries into a game-pocket-like carry space at the back. A cinched waist, lace detailing at the neck, and storm cuffs in the sleeves finish it off.

The seller who sold this to me has other really great vintage items in his eBay store, as well as a non-eBay shop called Somebody & Sons. Prices aren’t terribly friendly to buyers, but deals sometimes pop up. This smock, for example, was $210, which isn’t too far off from what good outerwear costs these days. 

I know I’ll be checking back. 

(Pictured above: Vintage smock from eBay ($210), Asprey cashmere turtleneck from eBay ($75); Purdey boots from eBay ($350); 3sixteen jeans bought on sale five years ago ($125))

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