Lower Your Tie Clip

March 26, 2013

Lower Your Tie Clip

I like this photograph of Sean Connery on a bicycle for a lot of reasons. It’s not only amusing to me, but gives you an idea on how well-fitting clothing allows you to move. It illustrates that “fit” doesn’t exactly mean “ultra slim”. 

But there is a small detail worth pointing out in this photo about the functionality of accessories, too. Notice Connery’s tie clip is positioned about half way down his shirt – as I think it should be. 

I’ve noticed a lot of guys wearing their tie clips up higher – presumably to show them off – but the tie clip becomes more irrelevant the further up it travels toward your neck.

A tie clip (or tie bar, tie tack or tie pin) should help keep your tie flat against your chest as you wear it, especially without a jacket. This helps keep it from getting in your way as you lean over to do work, eat, or in this case ride a bike without having the wind flap the tie’s blades in your face. 

(Photo via fuckyeaholdhollywood, which I’ve really enjoyed recently.)


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