Let’s Celebrate Dads!

June 7, 2024

Hey, let’s talk dads for a minute. You know ’em, you love ’em.
If there’s one thing we at Put This On have learned, it’s that no two dads are quite the same. This Father’s Day, instead of dragging yourself to a Macy’s to get an eight pack of socks, take a look at the incredible stuff we have at the Put This On Shop.
Maybe you have a classic sports dad! We’ve got patches, trading cards, caps, you name it!
Or maybe your dad’s an Intrepid Outdoorsman and needs a bag for hiking the Appalachian Trail. We’ve got you!
Sci-Fi Dad? Send him to space with some of our vintage action figures and games! Fancy Dad? We’ll have him dressed to the nines!
“But Put This On, my dad turned 40 and suddenly got super into collecting Scottish terrier paraphernalia.” Oh, you KNOW we love a Weird Dad.
Use code PTODAD for 10% off everything in the store. Don’t miss out!