Let’s All Be Ring Guys!

November 24, 2023

As I’ve grown up, I’ve found that one of my favorite pleasures in getting dressed is jewelry. Not the kind of chains you find on Slick Rick, but something a bit more distinctive and distinguished.

In other words: I’m a ring guy now.

Sometimes it’s a simple gold antique signet ring. Sometimes it’s for some long-forgotten high school class or businessmen’s club. Once in a while it’s the big, chunky brass of a Mexican biker.

My recommendation: something simple is great for everyday wear, especially if you dress more formally. The big chunky stuff is casual. You can wear it with a leather jacket or selvage jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever it is, it’s nice to have something with some age – give it a story. You don’t want to look like you bought it from the poster guy on the college quad.

So: pursuant to this ring interest, I’ve built up a big collection of rings for the Put This On Shop. Everything from military rings to a ring from a 1970s pinball championship. They’re the first wave of new holiday product in our shop, and they make a great gift for you (or for someone special).

If you use the code RINGGUY, I’ll ship you a ring for free.

And hey: sometimes people worry about sizing. Don’t worry too much. You can print out a ring sizer from the internet if you like, but you can also have almost any of these rings resized by a jeweler near your house for twenty bucks or so. It’s easy!

So: let’s be ring guys. It’s fun!

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