Let The Quoddys Hit The Floor

September 27, 2018

If you’re looking for a pair of new boots or moccasins this fall, Quoddy is having a blowout tent sale. The brand was a darling of the Americana and workwear era ten years ago, but as menswear has moved on to designer brands and streetwear, they’ve gotten a bit less attention. Still, like many things from that era — work boots, chambray shirts, and raw denim — they’re still solid stand-bys, especially for fall.

Quoddy is the most famous of the American moccasin manufacturers. Based in Lewiston, Maine, they produce slip-ons, camp lace-ups, and boots by wrapping a piece of leather around the top of the foot and through the bottom, creating an exceptionally comfortable footbed. Most of their shoes are also handsewn through the apron, feature a glove-leather lined interior, and are made from Horween leathers (often pull-up leathers, which means the leather is heavily stuffed with natural oils, allowing you to easily buff out scratches). They’re a bit too casual for things such as tailored trousers, but they sit perfectly well under jeans, chinos, and fatigues.

The tent sale has Quoddy’s shoes for $129 and boots for $149 (down from about $300 and $450, respectively). From the looks of things, they seem to be factory firsts — not seconds — which suggests maybe these are leftovers from sample productions and unclaimed made-to-orders. I personally like their simpler styles, such as the Kennebec chukka and Maliseet trail mocs, but these Grizzly boots also look great. For what it’s worth, all my Quoddy boots fit true to size (convention says go down half a size for mocs, but I’ve never tried them).

You can see the entire tent sale at Quoddy’s site.

(h/t A Fine Tooth Comb)

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