Charvet’s Ties

June 29, 2011

Charvet’s ties

Lately I’ve been really enamored with Charvet’s ties, especially their two-toned diamond weaves. If you’ve ever held one, the first thing you’ll notice is that they’re a bit iridescent. The colors change as you slowly move the tie, making them almost jewel like in their appearance. The only downside is that they’re also a bit delicate. In order to achieve the special effects, Charvet makes these with a very fine weave. As a result, they can easily snag, especially if you have rough hands. That means they’re not a top choice for every day wear, but they’re a prime candidate for very special occasions.

At full retail, Charvet’s ties are around $200, but you can also find them on sale for about $80-100. Be careful when buying them on discount, however, especially if you’re shopping online or getting something used. From my experience, these tend to have been pawed through by dozens of people, which means they’ve already developed a few snags. This may be one case where it’s best to shop for deals at brick and mortar stores, not online shops.

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