Last Selvedge Denim Mill In The US To Close

October 18, 2017

Some surprising news from our friends at Heddels. Cone Mills’ parent company, International Textile Group, announced today that they’ll be closing the North Carolina mill. This comes just a year after a private equity firm acquired the mill, rescuing it from financial troubles. An excerpt from ITG’s press release:

“For more than 125 years Cone Denim has defined American denim and authenticity with the White Oak mill representing the essence of Cone’s heritage,” said Kenneth T. Kunberger, President & CEO of Cone Denim and International Textile Group. “We truly regret having to take this action to close the mill, and we deeply appreciate the loyalty and dedication of all current and former employees of the White Oak mill. Their talent, effort, innovation, dedication, and customer focus all combined to create a White Oak brand, heritage, and legacy that will forever be the heart of the Cone Denim business.”

This marks the end of the last major selvedge denim mill in the United States, just over a hundred years after its opening. Many of our favorite brands, including everyone from Levi’s to Gustin, have relied on Cone Mills for their fabric. You can read the Heddels story here.