Jimmy Pardo

January 14, 2014


Jimmy Pardo’s one of my favorite standup comics in the world – no one’s more in the moment on stage than Jimmy. Seeing him run a show is a pleasure like few others. For this reason, he’s always been hesitant to record a CD, because it might not capture the magic. I think this one does.

Jimmy’s obsessed with the idea of being “a gentleman” in “a hard shoe,” and he named his record Sprezzatura, so I thought I’d share it here. In this track, he’s discussing a trip to the movies with a friend named Jeff.

You can grab the whole CD for $8.99 on Amazon now. If you’re not convinced yet, you can also check out his podcast, Never Not Funny, which just made the switch to free from premium and has been nestled at the top of the iTunes comedy charts.

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