Summer Hats

April 25, 2013

Summer hats

It’s turned to summer here in Los Angeles, so I did a quick inventory of my summer hats. One was a bit too tight, and one had a grease spot on the brim. I hopped in the car and headed up to Burbank, and Los Angeles’ only real hat shop, Baron’s.

This being the center of showbiz, Baron’s is probably best known for the hats they’ve made for Hollywood productions – you name a picture shot on the left coast involving hats, and Baron’s probably made them. They also make custom hats for retail customers and block, stretch and clean hats. They’re the only folks in Southern California who provide these services in-house, and one of a handful of shops in the country who do.

They told me they’re working on a big project, so my little projects won’t be ready to go for three or four weeks, but I’m grateful to have a local business who can do the work.