It’s On Sale: Some Cool Stuff At Gentry

May 17, 2017

It’s On Sale: Some Cool Stuff at Gentry

If you’re up for checking out some very cool, sightly off-beat casualwear, Gentry has a small sale section right now with select items discounted as much as 70%. There’s admittedly not a lot left in terms of sizes, but the prices are surprisingly good for what’s available (even if, admittedly, they’re still expensive). Some notables:

  • E. Tautz Car Coat ($607): One of the more classic pieces. This car coat was designed by Josh Peskowitz in collaboration with E. Tautz and Glenfiddich. Looks to be slightly oversized, but in a good, louche way. Could be worn traditionally with wool trousers and a sport coat, or more causally with faded jeans and a chunky sweater. 
  • Eidos Maremmano Coat ($534): Inspired by ranch coats worn in Tuscany. Cattle farmers and cowboys used to wear coats like this when they looked after maremmana cows (hence the jacket’s name). Over time, the style was later picked up by Italian aristocrats when they vacationed in countryside. Eidos has a nice version that’s been lined with what looks to be a warm shearling. 
  • Kapital Ring Coat ($204): One of Kapital’s signature outerwear designs, this is something like the love child of an American military jacket and a Japanese kimono (given the T-cut pattern). The short version of this coat is a little more popular, but I think this long design looks great too. Comes in olive and black. This might be a better representation of what the coat looks like when worn. Size 2 should fit someone with a 36 or 38 chest. These are meant to be very oversized. 
  • Tomorrowland fishtail parka ($435): Melton wool fishtail parka from the Japanese label Tomorrowland. A little more basic in terms of design, but useful and a nice switch up from the style’s typical cotton make. 
  • Engineered Garments Workaday Chinos ($76): If you’re looking at all the above and thinking “wtf,” here are some good, rugged chinos for $76. Slightly fuller throughout the leg, which I’ve been into lately. More for wear with casual jackets than sport coats, given the casual design and detailing. 

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