It’s On Sale: Free Shipping At LuxeSwap

December 3, 2019

It's On Sale: Free Shipping at LuxeSwap

In the last few years, the online market for second-hand clothing has boomed. The Armoury now has a sister site called Drop 93, Leffot sells second-hand shoes, and there are plenty of places to find lower-cost, high-end clothing, such as Grailed and Marrkt. But if you want the best deals, it would be hard to beat eBay.

The problem with eBay has always been the amount of time necessary to trawl for good auctions (hence why we have our twice-a-week eBay roundups and exclusive Inside Track newsletter). One way around this is to check in every once in a while with LuxeSwap, one of our favorite sellers, and now a sponsor on this site. Matthew, who runs LuxeSwap with his family, is an old StyleForum member who knows his stuff. As a consignor, he’s able to separate the wheat from the chaff. And since he puts everything up for auction, often at prices starting at just $9.99, buyers can snag outstanding deals.

Every Thanksgiving, LuxeSwap puts up their “greatest hits” in terms of auctions. That means the best-of-the-best, which they’ve been saving all year. It’s their way of holding a Black Friday sale. This year, they’re offering Put This On readers a special discount. For all auctions ending this Sunday, December 8th, you can get free domestic US shipping if you use the code PTOLUXE. Just message them through eBay before paying (assuming you’ve won the auction). LuxeSwap will then adjust your invoice.



There’s a lot of good stuff here, including bespoke suits from WW Chan and a hopsack sport coat from Attolini. This shawl collar cardigan goes for $450 at Anderson & Sheppard’s Clifford Street store, but the LuxeSwap auction for the same item is currently just at $66 (you can see Simon Crompton wearing the same cardigan model at his site Permanent Style). Accessories will also get you out of the sizing game, such as these carryall bags from Guidi, Ghurka, Bally, and Loro Piana. Among some of my favorite items are these Viberg x 3sixteen service boots (size 7.5), Inis Meain linen sweater (size large), and Eidos x Vanson indigo double rider (each limited edition jacket was hand-dipped into indigo in Antonio Ciongoli’s backyard, as pictured above). Some other notables:

Lastly, if you have things in the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in years, consider using LuxeSwap as a consignor. They’ll only take high-end items, which means you can’t send them old, mustard-stained college tees and threadbare Gap chinos. But if your stuff meets their standards, they’ll do all the hard work of selling it for you — including taking photos and measurements, putting up the auction, advertising it on their StyleForum thread, and shipping out packages. They typically do a 60/ 40 split (you get 60%), but you have to cover the eBay fees. If you’re willing to take your payment in the form of No Man Walks Alone store credit, however, they’ll bump that up to a 70/ 30 split, and No Man Walks Alone will add 10% of the net on your account.

Note: LuxeSwap is a sponsor on this site, but this isn’t a sponsored post. We’ve been covering LuxeSwap for years, well before they came on as a sponsor. You can read our editorial policy here.

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