It’s On Sale: Florsheim Longwings

March 8, 2013

It’s On Sale: Florsheim Longwings

It’s rare that I can recommend a brand new dress shoe for under $100, but the Florsheim “Veblen” longwing is currently on sale at MyHabit for $89.

Jesse wrote in the past about the original Florsheim longwings and how they’re worth seeking out on eBay or vintage stores, but you can’t really say the same thing about most modern Florsheim shoes. However, there are a few exceptions and the “Veblen” model is a good budget shoe. 

They typical sell for around $200, which is rare to find for a Goodyear-welted shoe and is why I think they’re a good deal if you’re on a tight budget. I wrote about them after my roommate picked up a pair and was impressed. I recommended them to another friend and he’s enjoyed wearing them as well. 

MyHabit still has a full range of sizes available and their sale ends on Sunday. Worth a look and if you need an invite you can use our referral link